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National radioactive waste management facility consultative committees

Community members and committees advised on the operation and support for the facility.

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The information on this webpage may no longer be current. This follows a Federal Court order to set aside the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility site declaration. Read about the decision.

23 August 2023

Community consultation is an important part of establishing the National Radioactive Waste Facility.

Independent consultative committees advised the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce on their respective communities until February 2020. The Australian Radioactive Waste Agency is responsible for ongoing activities.

The committees advised on:

  • which proposed projects to fund under the Community Benefit Program
  • the design and operation of the facility
  • community support for the facility.

The committees weren’t decision-making bodies. Each only performed an advisory role between the community and the government. Community members who made up the committees met throughout the site selection process to discuss key aspects of the project.

Kimba consultative committee

Sites were nominated in South Australia’s Kimba district, Lyndhurst and Napandee.

The Kimba Consultative Committee advised on both sites. 


  • Allan Suter (Convener)
  • Dean Johnson (Deputy Convener)
  • Symon Allen
  • Heather Baldock
  • Jeffrey Frank Baldock
  • Pat Beinke
  • Randall Cliff
  • Kellie Hunt
  • Sally Inglis
  • Jeff Koch
  • Meagan Jane Lienert
  • Kerri Rayson
  • Toni Scott
  • Peter Woolford
  • Amy Wright.

Committee meeting minutes

Kimba economic working group

The Kimba economic working group ensured neighbouring communities are best placed to take advantage of the economic development opportunities.

In February 2020, the Kimba economic working group agreed to meet alongside the Kimba consultative committee for a more streamlined consultation process. See the minutes for the Kimba economic working group post-February 2020 in the Kimba consultative committee section above.


  • Charlie Milton
  • Christine Lehmann
  • Dean Johnson
  • Debra Larwood
  • Heather Baldock
  • Laura Fitzgerald
  • Pat Beinke.

Barndioota consultative committee

The Barndioota consultative committee advised on this site and helped AusIndustry assess projects under the Community Benefit Program. It has since been disbanded.

Former membership

  • Paul Thomas (Convener)
  • Greg Flint (Deputy Convener)
  • Susan Andersson
  • Denise Carpenter
  • Victor Clark
  • Ronald K Daniel
  • Philip Leo Fels
  • Jon Gill
  • Ashley Haywood
  • Julia Henderson
  • John Hennessy
  • Janice McInnis
  • David Michael
  • John Rowe
  • Aaron Stuart
  • Steven Taylor
  • Cecilia Woolford.

Committee meeting minutes

Former membership

  • Ian Carpenter (Co Chair)
  • Malcolm McKenzie (Co Chair)
  • Ashley Haywood
  • Deidre McKenzie
  • John Coulthard
  • Kevin Wedding
  • Ronald Daniel.

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