Critical Minerals Office  

We provide industry with project facilitation services and government with policy and strategic advice on developing Australia’s critical minerals industry.

The Critical Minerals Office is the Australian Government's central coordination point to:

  • help grow Australia's critical minerals sector
  • position Australia globally as a secure, reliable and ethical supplier of critical minerals.
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    Our role and responsibilities

    The office was established on 21 January 2020 to:

    • provide national policy and strategic advice on critical minerals
    • connect Australian critical minerals projects to investors, regulators, government financing facilities and Australia's strategic partners.

    Key activities include:

    • supporting research and development in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and Geoscience Australia
    • promoting investment and identifying opportunities in partnership with Austrade and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    • ensuring Australia’s policy and regulatory settings support investment and unlock downstream opportunities
    • improving access to information on regulatory approvals, funding and investment
    • facilitating strategically important critical minerals projects
    • partnering with other countries to build global supply chains.

    Our work

    Critical minerals

    Australia has an opportunity to be a global leader in the ethical and environmentally responsible supply of key critical minerals.

    Supporting critical minerals projects in Australia  

    Government funding, information and tools are available to help companies progress major critical minerals projects in Australia.

    Investing in Australia's critical minerals

    The government encourages foreign investment in Australia’s critical minerals.