Artificial intelligence

We are committed to ensuring all Australians share the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI presents opportunities to grow our economy, create jobs and improve our lives.

AI technologies are:

  • helping small businesses better understand their customers
  • transforming local manufacturing to be more competitive
  • enabling us to manage our environment and resources more efficiently
  • solving significant national challenges like bushfires and health.

Promoting and protecting AI technology

The Australian Government identified AI as a critical technology in the national interest.

List of Critical Technologies in the National Interest

Find out more about the technologies on the list.

Developing and adopting AI

We are supporting Australia to become a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible AI.

National Artificial Intelligence Centre, CSIRO’s Data61

The centre is coordinating Australia’s AI expertise and capabilities to address barriers for small and medium enterprises.

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Graduates

The program is attracting and training the next generation of AI specialists.

Progressing ethical AI

Australians need to be able to trust that AI systems are safe, secure and reliable for us to realise its benefits. As innovation in AI speeds up, we need to make sure we can keep taking advantage of it while protecting Australians.

Supporting responsible AI: discussion paper

We released a safe and responsible AI in Australia discussion paper. It considers international approaches on governance and regulation of AI and seeks views on any further steps Australia can take to support responsible AI practices.

Australia’s AI ethics framework includes 8 principles that organisations can apply to:

  • achieve better outcomes with AI
  • reduce the risks of negative impacts
  • practice the highest standards of ethical business and good governance.

We’re progressing the framework by:

  • piloting the principles with Australian businesses
  • working with agencies to encourage greater uptake and consistency with the principles.

Latest news


Responsible AI in Australia: have your say

We want to hear your views on how the Australian Government can support the safe and responsible use of AI. Submissions close 26 July 2023.
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2022 update to the List of critical technologies in the national interest: have your say

The 63 technologies identified in the list are current and emerging technologies with the capacity to significantly enhance or pose risk to our national interest.