Australian Radioactive Waste Agency

We lead the responsible management, safe storage and disposal of our nation’s radioactive waste.

Radioactive materials are used in:

  • medicine
  • scientific research
  • industry
  • agriculture
  • technology.

They’re used to diagnose many heart, lung and musculoskeletal conditions and treat specific types of cancer. It’s likely that all Australians will benefit from nuclear medicine in their lifetime.

With these benefits comes a responsibility to safely manage, store and dispose of radioactive waste.

Managing radioactive waste

Radioactive waste is stored in many locations around the country, including:

  • hospitals
  • science facilities
  • universities. 

While safe, these facilities are not purpose-built, and long-term management of Australia’s waste at these locations is not sustainable.

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Australian Radioactive Waste Management Framework

The framework outlines how we will manage radioactive waste safely and sustainably.