Organisation chart

How our department is structured.

Download our organisation chart (effective 4 December 2023) or scroll information below.

Note: 'a/g' means the person is acting in the role. 


Minister for Resources and Minister for Northern Australia
Minister for Industry and Science
Assistant Minister for Manufacturing and Assistant Minister for Trade


Chief of Staff

Judith Blake
Chief of Staff

Resources and Strategy Group

Jane Urquhart
Deputy Secretary


Strategic Policy

Camille de Burgh
Head of Division
Matt Crawshaw
Budget and Portfolio Policy
James Pitman (a/g)
Ministerial and Executive Enabling
Naomi Perdomo
Whole of Government Policy and Priorities

International, Trade and National Security

Dr Carolyn Patteson
Head of Division
Alison Drury
Trade and International
Andy Matz
National Security Engagement
Richard Samuels
International Science and Resources

Analysis and Insights

Michelle Dowdell
Chief Economist
Kate Penney
Economic and Industry Analysis
Judi Dawton (a/g)
Data and Evaluation
Crystal Ossolinski
Resources and Energy Insights

Minerals and Resources

Peter Chesworth
Head of Division
Damien Dunn
Resources Strategy
Kym Moore (a/g)
Victoria Pullen
Critical Minerals Office

Oil and Gas

Robert Jeremenko
Head of Division
Cliff Weeks
Offshore Resources
Norelle Laucher
Offshore Strategy
Shane McWhinney
Northern Endeavour
Graeme Waters
National Offshore Petroleum Titles Adminstrator
David Lawrence
William Tan
Decommissioning Taskforce


Australian Radioactive Waste Agency (ARWA)

Chief Executive Officer
Amanda Fortanier (a/g)
Safety and Technical
Mark Weaver
Policy, Governance and Strategy
Jodie Lindsay
Social License and Operational Support

Portfolio entities

Geoscience Australia

Chief Executive Officer

National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA)

Chief Executive Officer

Industry and Commercialisation

Deputy Secretary


Industry & Manufacturing Division

Deb Anton
Head of Division
Louise Talbot
Sector Development
Kurt Hockey
Industrial Net Zero Transformation
James Flick (a/g)
Industrial NetZero Policy
Maxine Loynd
Future Transport and Infrastructure Policy
Jacqui Walters
National Rail Manufacturing Advocate

Sovereign Capability and Supply Chains

Donna Looney
Head of Division
Tim Wong
Office of Supply Chain Resilience
John Krbaleski
Industry Participation and Major Projects Facilitation
Jocelyn Cooper
Jasminder Higgins (a/g)
NRF Policy & Liaison


Nick Purtell
Head of Division
Tara Oliver
Research and Development Tax Incentive
Sandra Roussel
Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
Tanya Blight
Office of Industry Innovation and Science Australia


David Luchetti
Head of Division
Sarah Howard
Business Outreach and Engagement
Rebecca Lannen
Industry Growth Program
David Chuter
Executive Director, Industry Growth


Anti Dumping Commission

Isolde Lueckenhausen
Jessica Casben
Strategy and Legal

Australian Building Codes Board

Chief Executive Officer

Portfolio entities

IP Australia


Industry Innovation and Science Australia

NRF Corporation

Rebecca Manen
Chief Executive (a/g)

Science and Technology Group

Helen Wilson
Deputy Secretary


National Measurement Institute

Chief Executive Office and Chief Metrologist
Dr Jan Herrmann
Physical Metrology
Tim Stobaus
Analytical Services
Dr Lindsey Mackay
Chemical and Biological Metrology
Bill Loizides
Legal Metrology
Lisa Hind
Strategy and Operations


Janean Richards
Head of Division
Natalie Weddell
Science Policy and Governance
Linda Lee
Research and Collaboration
Paula Perrett
Office of the Chief Scientist
Caroline Quan (a/g)
Hayley Arbaut-Zaalen
Science Strategy and Priorities Taskforce

Technology and Digital

Anthony Murfett
Head of Division
Dan Quinn
Enabling Technologies
Jessica Foote
Critical Technologies Hub
Michele Graham
Lucas Rutherford
Technology Strategy

Technology Investment Taskforce

Anthony McGregor
Head of Division
Diana Gaetjens
Technology Investment


Jo White
Head of Division
Steve Stirling
Dr Bobby Cerini
Science and Learning

Australian Space Agency

Enrico Palermo
Agency Head
Dara Williams
Deputy Head of Agency
Chris Hewett
Space Policy
Aude Vignelles (a/g)
National Space Capability, Technology & Programs
Chris De Luis
Office of the Space Regulator

Portfolio entities

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Doug Hilton Chief Executive
Chief Executive

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Scientist

Enabling and Business Services Group

Deputy Secretary


Chief Finance Officer

Gavin McCosker
Head of Division
Kirsty Bunfield
Financial and Shared Services
Jane Childs
Financial Management
Erin Cockram
External Budgets and Procurement

Chief Operating Officer

Leanne Yannopoulos
Head of Division
Deborah Miliszewski
Tanja Watson
Louise Wallensky
Sue Cattermole

Chief Information Officer

Rebecca Lee
Head of Division
Stewart McGill
ICT Operations
Simone Boulding
Digital Strategy and Cyber Security
Kevin Grange (a/g)
Digital Services for Business

Business Grants Hub & Integrity Division

Sam Chard
Head of Division
Kimberly Shrives
Internal Programs
Noel Taloni (a/g)
External Programs
Derek Stiller