provides information, grants, services and support to the Australian business community. is a whole-of-government website for the Australian business community. It provides information, grants, services and support from 3 levels of government to make it easier for business owners to find everything in one place.

The 13 28 46 contact centre connects businesses to important information and services through phone, email and webchat. The contact centre supports over 60 programs and is a point for referrals to our business advisory networks.


  • We are a trusted whole-of-government business resources. We connect consolidate and streamline information for business across all levels of government.
  • We deliver free practical tools to help Australian businesses plan, start and grow a business.
  • Our discovery tools help businesses find grants and programs, advisers, and events and training.
  • We provide practical business information with our guide to starting a business and a range of checklists and planning templates.
  • We communicate with businesses through our newsletter and social media platforms including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.
  • is accessible and operates in line with the Digital Service Standard and government usability, privacy and accessibility guidelines.
  • We write our content in plain English and test against the needs of real users to find out what works and what doesn’t. We continuously make changes to the site based on user feedback. benefits

Website, news and social media

  • Use our whole-of-government website to provide information and updates about your agency's information, services and programs. We consolidate and streamline information for business across all levels of government.
  • Leverage our high-traffic web and social media platforms to increase your reach to business.
  • Communicate to business and speak their language. We create communication strategies that translate government policy intent into practical terms for business.
  • Build on our reputation as a trusted source of information for business. We maintain our trust and integrity by ensuring our content is up-to-date and accurate, and includes links to credible online information and resources.

Contact centre

  • Multi-channel services (phone, email and webchat) makes it easy for your customers to access the information and services they want, when and how they want it.
  • Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm nationally. Closed on Australian national public holidays.
  • We answer 90 per cent of phone calls and webchats within 10 seconds.
  • We respond to emails within 1 business day.
  • Our specialist agents are trained in business management with between 5 to 10 years’ experience in small business operation. We train our agents to provide advice and assistance tailored to the needs of your customers.
  • Our generalist agents provide information and referrals relating to programs and services.
  • Our shared contact centre services can significantly reduce costs associated with operating traditional in-house solutions.
  • We connect with other Australian Government programs and direct links to face-to-face advisory services.
  • We emphasise service excellence at every touch point. We use feedback loops to identify service pain points to drive continuous quality improvement.

Business capability

We will work with you to promote your content through our high-traffic platforms. Annually,  

  • has more than 9 million sessions
  • more than 190,000 businesses are connected through social media and newsletter subscriptions
  • the contact centre handled around 86,000 contacts.

Our specialist team manage our web presence. They have expertise in researching, authoring and maintaining online content relevant to the Australian business community. Our social media experts are adept at promoting content through a range of digital platforms.

Our services

We help federal, state, territory and local government agencies to:

  • write and publish information about your agency and programs on the website and social media channels
  • provide access to our contact centre service including strategic planning, scripts, training for the agents and data.

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