Office of National Rail Industry Coordination (ONRIC)

We coordinate a national approach to building capability in the rail manufacturing sector.

What we do

Australia’s rail sector supports economic growth, connects communities and helps develop sustainable cities and regions. 

We work with the National Rail Manufacturing Advocate, the Rail Industry Innovation Council and stakeholders to address industry needs and develop capability.

Office of National Rail Industry Coordination

Improving rolling stock procurement and manufacturing in Australia

The National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy will:

  • simplify procurement and harmonise standards across states and territories
  • increase innovation
  • improve skills and capabilities in the rail manufacturing sector.

We developed the strategy with key stakeholders, including state and territory governments. It is a part of the National Rail Manufacturing Plan. 

National Rail Manufacturing Plan

The plan will help grow a more globally competitive rail manufacturing sector in Australia.

Australia’s rail manufacturing capabilities

We can build on these to manufacture more rolling stock and components in Australia.

National Rolling Stock Procurement Pipeline

The pipeline supports industry investment and growth and makes rail procurement across Australia more visible.

Meet the National Rail Manufacturing Advocate

The National Rail Manufacturing Advocate supports strategy implementation  and drives change in the rail manufacturing industry. The advocate serves ex-officio as Chair of the Rail Industry Innovation Council. 

National Rail Manufacturing Advocate
Jacqui is an executive and non-executive director with experience across sectors including transport, renewables and major infrastructure. She has a record of achieving change in the public and private sectors.

Meet the Rail Industry Innovation Council

The Rail Industry Innovation Council supports sustainable rail manufacturing industry growth by identifying opportunities to adopt innovation and technology. This includes opportunities to reduce emissions across the rail sector. 

Graham is an engineer and executive with technical experience in diverse major rolling stock projects in several countries.
Danny has extensive experience in the rail industry and policy development. He has built strong relationships with key stakeholders across all industry sectors.
Vicki is a transport expert who has served in a range of public and private sector roles. She has a mix of government, research and industry expertise.
Samantha is a respected rail leader. She has expertise as an engineer and executive with extensive experience working on urban projects in Australia and overseas.
Rachel specialises in public policy, finance and the interface between the public and private sectors. She is a former state government transport minister and businessperson.
Ravi has more than 30 years’ experience in railway research, particularly in the management of applied research and technology development.
Katarzyna has executive experience in finance, commercial and operational roles locally and internationally. This includes leading a major state rail statutory authority.
Glenn has a strong understanding of the manufacturing sector with experience in senior trade union roles and trustee directorships of industry superannuation funds.

Latest news

A passenger train in motion at dusk
Office of National Rail Industry Coordination

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This data provides visibility of present and future rolling stock procurement across Australia.
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Office of National Rail Industry Coordination

Rail manufacturing set to get Australia rolling

Australia’s rolling stock manufacturing sector employs nearly 6,000 people and contributes millions to our economy. But it could be much bigger.
A passenger train in motion at dusk
Office of National Rail Industry Coordination

Getting our rail manufacturing industry back on track

We’ve developed a strategy with stakeholders to grow Australia’s rail manufacturing sector.

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