Science engagement

We engage people nationwide to build awareness and develop capability and skills in science.


    Inspiring Australia contributes to the Australian government’s vision to engage all Australians with science.

    Inspiring Australia science engagement activities connect with people nationwide to:

    • build an awareness and appreciation of science
    • celebrate the excitement of science and scientific discovery
    • enhance the focus on capability and skills
    • improve science communication skills.
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    Supporting community science engagement

    We administer grants and prizes to encourage community-wide participation in STEM. Our targeted science communication also supports activities that contribute to greater public engagement in science, including the Inspiring Australia Managers network.

    Nominations currently closed

    Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science nominations

    Nominations are open for the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science 2023. Nominations are made by peers in the science, innovation and teaching communities. By nominating someone for a prize, you acknowledge their outstanding work and contribution to science.

    Nominations close 5pm AEDT Thursday 9 February 2023.
    Currently closed

    National Science Week Grants

    National Science Week Grants provides the opportunity for community participation in high profile science engagement activities across the nation during National Science Week.
    Currently closed

    Maker Projects: Community STEM Engagement Grants

    Maker Projects: Community STEM Engagement Grants supports collaborative initiatives that deliver interactive and hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related activities to youth under 18 years of age.
    Currently closed

    Citizen Science Grants

    Citizen Science Grants supports community participation in scientific research projects that have a national impact.

    Sponsorship Grants for Student Science Engagement and International Competitions

    Grants for organisations (such as schools and community groups) to sponsor Australian students to take part in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) engagement activities, events and competitions. Students must be aged under 18.

    Building community science networks

    We coordinate a national network of Inspiring Australia Managers to engage regional communities in science. There is an Inspiring Australia Manager with local expertise and connections in each state and territory.

    They can help you identify local and regional needs and give up-to-date information about science engagement in your area.

    The network seeks to:

    • achieve wider community engagement with sciences, including through major activities and events such as National Science Week
    • develop new engagement opportunities and activities
    • provide greater engagement opportunities for groups that are underrepresented in STEM
    • improve participant experiences with science engagement activities
    • create sustainable change.

    State and territory contacts and websites

    Reach out to our Inspiring Australia Managers. 

    Australian Capital Territory

    Position vacant

    New South Wales

    Meredith Hall

    Northern Territory

    Dr Carla Eisemberg


    Dr Anita Milroy

    South Australia

    Alison Kershaw


    Dr Tiana Pirtle & Kathryn Fox 


    Mike Flattley

    Western Australia

    Imogen Winsborough