Industry Innovation and Science Australia

We are an independent statutory board of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and educators.

What we do

We advise the Australian Government on innovation, science and research matters.

We are responsible for: 

  • promotion of investment in industry and Australia’s innovation, science and research system
  • monitoring innovation programs through our committees, including ongoing projects under programs which are now closed to applications

The Office of Industry Innovation and Science Australia provides support to our board and is led by the Executive Director. The office:

  • supports the implementation of our long-term initiatives
  • performs legislative functions and directions from the minister.
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We oversee many innovation programs under the following committees.

Innovation Investment Committee

The Innovation Investment Committee administers the department’s suite of venture capital programmes and provides guidance throughout the lifecycles of the programs.

R&D Incentives Committee

The R&D Incentives Committee advises IISA on the operations of the R&D Tax Incentive Program.

Entrepreneurs' Programme Committee

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme Committee provides merit assessments and ranking recommendations on applications to a number of programmes and initiatives for businesses.

Cooperative Research Centres Advisory Committee

The Cooperative Research Centres Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations regarding Cooperative Research Centres. It also oversees Cooperative Research Centre Program operations.

Biomedical Translation Fund Committee

The Biomedical Translation Fund Committee administers the Biomedical Translation Fund program.

Monitoring previous programs

We also monitor the following closed programs:

  • Innovation Investment Follow-on Fund
  • Innovation Investment Fund
  • Pooled Development Funds
  • Pre-Seed Fund.

AusIndustry will continue to work with legacy program customers.