Space and astronomy

The Australian Government is transforming our space and astronomy industries to make space for Australia’s future.

Making space for Australia’s future

Space technologies and services – like emergency management, weather forecasting, internet access and GPS – benefit all Australians.

The Australian Space Agency is committed to:

  • advancing Australia’s role as a responsible and sustainable actor in civil space
  • creating an environment for the space sector to grow
  • supporting space activities and technologies that inspire and improve the lives of Australians. 

The agency is a specialist division of our department with their own website. Learn more about their activities below.

Australian Space Agency

Learn how the agency coordinates civil space matters across government and supports the growth of Australia’s space industry.

Australian Space Discovery Centre

Be inspired with stories of innovation, curiosity and technology from the space sector—in person, from home or the classroom.

Space funding and initiatives

A range of programs connect Australian business and research organisations with international space agencies and the space ecosystem.

Space regulations

We regulate Australian civil space and high power rocket activities. We also engage internationally on space regulation.

Space partnerships

We enter into agreements with other nations and businesses to identify opportunities and grow Australia’s space capability.

Space careers

Set your sights on a career in Australia’s space industry. Explore career pathways, people in the sector and jobs.

Collaborating on global astronomy projects

Australia and the world’s astronomers need access to increasingly large and complex telescopes to answer today’s big science questions.

We partner with other countries and our domestic research sector on projects and opportunities to build cutting-edge technology and capability.

The SKA project in Australia

We are co-hosting a global project to build the world’s largest and most capable radio telescopes.

Optical astronomy in Australia

We are supporting a 10-year strategic partnership with the European Southern Observatory.

Meet Australia’s Astronomer-at-large

Fred uses his expertise as a science communicator and public advocate to inspire people’s interest in astronomy, astrophysics and science.

Latest news

Katherine Bennell-Pegg
Australian Space Agency

Katherine Bennell-Pegg graduates as an Australian astronaut

We profile an Australian Space Agency employee who is the first person to ever be trained as an astronaut under the Australian flag.
Inside the European Astronaut Centre with large white chambers
Australian Space Agency

Australian delegation to European Astronaut Centre: express your interest

The Australian Space Agency is seeking expressions of interest (EOIs)from Australian representatives to join a delegation to the European Astronaut Centre (EAC). Apply by 15 February.
Illustration depicting the view from a space vehicle looking at activity on the moon with the Earth in the distance
Australian Space Agency

Moon to Mars spin-in capabilities: express your interest

The Australian Space Agency is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) on niche Australian technology capabilities. EOI closes 14 February 2024.