The Australian Government is backing critical and emerging technologies to strengthen Australia's future.

Promoting and protecting critical technologies

The Critical Technologies Hub advises the government on critical technology opportunities, developments and risks.

Critical technologies are current and emerging technologies with the capacity to impact our national interest. This includes Australia’s:

  • national security
  • economic prosperity
  • social cohesion.

We recommend government actions to promote and protect critical technologies. We aim to:

  • give Australians access to cost-effective, safe, secure and inclusive technologies
  • promote Australia as a trusted partner for investment, research and innovation
  • support regional resilience and competitive, trusted and diverse technology innovation
  • enable Australian industries to thrive and maximise intellectual property (IP).

Supporting critical technology development and adoption

We are supporting Australia’s critical technology industries and capabilities. These technologies are providing new opportunities to create jobs, drive economic growth and boost competitiveness.

Growing the cyber security industry and workforce

We are growing Australia's cyber security industry and workforce to strengthen our digital economy.

AUCyber Explorer

AUCyber Explorer provides detailed data on Australia's cyber security workforce, jobs and career pathways.

Questacon's cyber program

Questacon is increasing cyber security awareness and job readiness through engaging education programs.


AustCyber supports the development of a globally competitive cyber security sector. It is part of the Industry Growth Centres initiative that our department oversees.

Coordinating digital economy policy and regulations

The Digital Technology Taskforce coordinates whole-of-economy digital policy. This ensures we keep up to date on the changing digital landscape in our increasingly digital world.

The taskforce monitors developments in emerging technologies and the digital economy. This includes examining:

  • changes in the digital technology landscape
  • impact and uptake of high potential emerging technologies
  • digital adoption by small and medium enterprises
  • digital skills and inclusion
  • the role and use of data in the digital economy
  • international policy developments.

The taskforce helps inform the government’s digital economy policies and regulations.

Building digital capabilities

These tools can help your business innovate with digital technologies.

Digital Readiness Assessment Tool

Self-assess your business's digital maturity.

Skill Finder

Find digital career pathways and courses.

Digital Directors Training Program

Learn about innovative technology leadership.

Latest news


Responsible AI in Australia: have your say

We want to hear your views on how the Australian Government can support the safe and responsible use of AI. Submissions close 26 July 2023.
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Almost $5 million in grants to support innovative RegTech solutions

Five Australian companies share $4,999,340 in grants from the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII). Funding is from the BRII Regulatory Technology (RegTech) round.

Australia’s vision and priorities for critical technologies

The Critical Technologies Statement is now available. It shows how the government supports critical technologies and will seize their opportunities while managing the risks.
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Investments to grow Australia’s critical technologies industries

As part of the 2023-24 May Budget, the Australian Government has announced $101.2 million to support businesses to integrate quantum and artificial intelligence technologies into their…
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Australia’s first National Quantum Strategy

The National Quantum Strategy shows how Australia will take advantage of quantum technology opportunities to grow our industry.
Quantum qubit.

$4.6 million in grants to boost quantum education and collaboration

The Australian Government has awarded CSIRO and Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) $4.6 million in grants to continue strengthening Australia's world-leading quantum capabilities.
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National Robotics Strategy discussion paper: have your say

Help shape Australia’s robotics future through the National Robotics Strategy. Submissions close 7 May 2023.