Mining, oil and gas

Australia’s resources sector, a strong economic performer.

Our resources, mining, equipment, technology and services sectors are some of Australia’s strongest economic performers.

They generate more than half of Australia’s goods exports and provide significant opportunities including:

  • economic wealth
  • jobs and high wages
  • Investment and tax revenues
  • high-quality reserves of several mineral and energy commodities
  • a skilled, experienced workforce
  • innovative technologies
  • best practice regulations and operations that bolster business and encourage investment.

Social, economic and technological transformation presents new challenges for the sector. Future success relies on working smarter, safer, cleaner and more efficiently than our competitors.

Supporting a strong resources sector

We develop policy, programs and regulations to:

  • support sustainable development of the resources sector
  • increase investment
  • encourage innovative, clean energy and low-emissions technologies
  • support the transition to net zero.


We are committed to growing Australia's role as a reliable, sustainable and globally competitive supplier of energy and mineral exports.

Oil and gas

We develop policy, regulations and interventions to support Australia’s oil and gas industry and supply.

Offshore greenhouse gas storage

We regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) storage in Australian Commonwealth waters.

Taxes, royalties and export controls on minerals and petroleum

Companies that extract mineral and petroleum resources must pay taxes and royalties. Minerals exporters must meet requirements.

Free trade agreements

We represent and advocate for industry and the resources sector by negotiating and implementing free trade agreements.

METS Industry Growth Centre

The METS growth centre works with Australian mining industry suppliers, global miners, researchers and capital providers to improve competitiveness and productivity of the sector.

Supporting net zero transformation

We’re helping to ensure the resources sector contributes to our international decarbonisation commitments.

Planning for gas to 2050

The Future Gas Strategy outlines the Australian Government’s medium and long-term plan for gas supply, demand and emissions reduction.

Resources Methane Abatement Fund

This program advances new technologies that reduce and remove methane gas from Australia’s coal and gas industry.

Greenhouse gas storage exploration

The GHG acreage release ensures companies explore offshore carbon capture and storage opportunities in a structured, transparent and well-regulated way.

Participating in forums

The Australian Government participates in a number of intergovernmental initiatives and forums to exchange information and expertise. 

We regularly consult with Australia’s major trading partners, industry and stakeholders to help identify commercial opportunities for Australian businesses and encourage trade and investment. We also have resources-focused counsellors overseas. These representatives help strengthen our trade and investment relationships in their host countries.

Latest news

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Gas storage facility

Gas supply and demand outlook for 2024 quarter 4 

The Australian Government will not activate the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism (ADGSM) for the October to December 2024 quarter.
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Office of the Chief Economist

Resources and energy earnings to further ease after the record peak in 2022–23

Australia’s resources and energy export earnings are forecast to fall over the next 2 years.
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Strengthening safety for offshore oil and gas workers

The Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Legislation Amendment (Safety and Other Measures) Act 2024 has passed into law.
Photo of Earth from space showing Australia with swirling atmosphere

Net zero sector plans for industry, resources and the built environment

We are developing plans to help major sectors transition to a net zero economy. These will support the Australian Government’s Net Zero Plan.

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