Decommissioning the Northern Endeavour

The Australian Government is decommissioning the Northern Endeavour Floating Production Storage and Offtake facility and remediating the Laminaria-Corallina oil fields.

The Australian Government determined that decommissioning is the most effective way to protect the environment from future potential risks.

Decommissioning follows the Northern Oil and Gas Australia (NOGA) group of companies (the Northern Endeavours’ owners) going into liquidation.

The government recovers decommissioning costs through the Laminaria and Corallina Decommissioning Cost Recovery Levy. The levy ensures taxpayers are not left to pay for decommissioning and remediation.

Decommissioning and remediation phases and activities

Decommissioning the Northern Endeavour and remediating the associated oil fields will cover 3 phases. It will happen as quickly as possible while ensuring workers are safe and the environment is protected.

About the facility

The Northern Endeavour is a 274m long Floating Production Storage and Offtake facility. It is permanently moored between the Laminaria and Corallina oil fields. Its location is approximately 550 km northwest of Darwin in the Timor Sea.


Latest news

May 2023

Northern Endeavour decommissioning phases 2 and 3: request for proposals

We’ll seek to engage a contractor to complete works in our next decommissioning phases.
Apr 2022

Petrofac Facilities Management Limited to lead phase 1 of decommissioning

We conducted a global, competitive, multi-stage tender for this decommissioning work.
Feb 2022

Amendments to enhance offshore oil and gas decommissioning

Changes to the offshore oil and gas decommissioning framework will ensure Australia plans for and manages increased levels of decommissioning activity.

Public consultations

EPBC controlled action for disconnection and towing consultation

We consulted on activities for phase 1 of decommissioning the Northern Endeavour that enable towing. The consultation was run in line with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act).

Laminaria-Corallina oilfields decommissioning levy consulation

We consulted on a temporary levy to recoup the costs of decommissioning and remediating the Laminaria-Corallina oilfields and associated infrastructure. Read about the levy on the ATO website.