We help government agencies deploy secure authentication solutions.

VANguard helps government agencies deploy cost-effective and secure authentication solutions.

Consider using VANguard if:

  • your agency provides services to businesses
  • you need to know who is interacting with you.

Benefits for government

  • Standards-based and reliable authentication solutions that are quickly, easily and securely deployed, and reusable across your agency.
  • No need to invest in or maintain costly infrastructure and networks. Our infrastructure has 24 hour, seven days a week support for the production environment, and we generally implement system changes with no outages.
  • Our services are secure and comply with the Protective Security Policy Framework, National E-Authentication Framework and Information Security Registered Assessor Program. We also conduct regular penetration testing and threat-risk assessments.
  • Your users can use their existing network login to authenticate.
  • Our experienced team will work closely with you to integrate a fit-for-purpose authentication solution, and we’ll provide ongoing support.

Benefits for business

  • Use your existing network login across multiple government portals.
  • Interacting with government digitally saves time and effort.

Our business capability

VANguard has a 99.99% service availability and delivers secure and highly available services to over 80 unique entities.

Our services

  • Federated Authentication Service enables a person’s existing network login to be used as a single sign-on. They will not need to re-enter a password when accessing government online services.
  • Timestamping Service records the National Measurement Institute (NMI) certified date and time for an electronic transaction. Agencies can use the timestamp as evidence of the date and time that a transaction was completed online.

You may only use digital certificates for the stipulated purposes and in the stipulated manner. You must also agree to comply with the VANguard CPS, VANguard Agency CP and VANguard Agency PDS.

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