Oil and gas 

We develop policy, regulations and interventions to support Australia’s oil and gas industry and supply.

Oil and gas are known as petroleum resources. Petroleum is a naturally occurring mixture of either liquid or gas hydrocarbons. 

Regulating oil and gas

Domestic gas supply

We ensure that Australian manufacturers, electricity generators, businesses and households have sufficient supplies of natural gas.

Offshore oil and gas

We regulate offshore oil and gas activities in Australian Commonwealth waters. 

Taxes, royalties and export controls on minerals and petroleum

Companies that extract mineral and petroleum resources must pay taxes and royalties. Companies who export minerals must meet requirements.

Planning for gas to 2050 and beyond

The role of gas will change as we reach net zero in Australia by 2050. The Future Gas Strategy sets out the Australian Government’s plan for gas production and consumption while our economy transitions to net zero.

The strategy aims to: 

  • support decarbonisation of the Australian economy 
  • safeguard energy security and affordability 
  • reinforce Australia’s reputation as an attractive trade and investment destination 
  • help our trade partners on their own paths to net zero.

The strategy is an evidence-based framework built around 6 principles that will guide policymaking about gas. 

Oil and gas sector opportunities

Bidding closed

Offshore greenhouse gas storage acreage release 2023

There are 10 areas for offshore oil and gas exploration. Bidding for this release closed on 28 November 2023.

National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator

See NOPTA's interactive map presenting the geographical offshore locations of active titles that exist in Australian territorial waters.

Latest news

Three people wearing protective clothing meet on an offshore oil and gas facility

Strengthening safety for offshore oil and gas workers

The Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Legislation Amendment (Safety and Other Measures) Act 2024 has passed into law.
Photo of Earth from space showing Australia with swirling atmosphere

Net zero sector plans for industry, resources and the built environment

We are developing plans to help major sectors transition to a net zero economy. These will support the Australian Government’s Net Zero Plan.
Silhouette of oil platform at sunset

NOPTA’s draft 2024 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement: have your say

The National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA) is seeking feedback from industry stakeholders. Consultation closes 7 June 2024.