We are committed to growing Australia's role as a reliable, sustainable and globally competitive supplier of energy and mineral exports. We are also supporting sovereign capability growth through downstream value-adding and manufacturing.

Australia’s mineral resources are among the richest in the world. 

Minerals are naturally occurring, inorganic, solids. There are 3 types of minerals:

  • metals and mineral ores
  • sands
  • gemstones. 

Oil and gas differ from minerals as they are made up of hydrocarbons. 

Geoscience Australia provides definitions for each mineral, including critical minerals.

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Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI)

The JMEI encourages investment in small minerals exploration companies that carry out greenfields mineral exploration in Australia. JMEI has been extended until June 2025.

Regulating minerals

Regulating offshore mineral exploration and mining  

We regulate mineral activity in Australian waters under the Offshore Minerals Act 1994.

Regulating the Ranger Uranium Mine  

Ranger is a uranium mine about 260 kilometres east of Darwin in the Northern Territory (NT).

Taxes, royalties and export controls on minerals and petroleum

Companies that extract mineral and petroleum resources must pay taxes and royalties. Companies who export minerals must meet requirements.