Corporate governance

We aim to be transparent about our activities and accountable for our performance. Read our corporate plans, budget statements and annual reports to see how we administer our department and achieve results.

Corporate integrity controls

Fraud and corruption control

We treat all reports of fraud and corruption seriously. Find out more about our fraud and corruption policies or how to report them.

Public interest disclosure

Read how you can disclose suspected wrongdoing in our department.

Child safe and vulnerable people policy

This policy outlines our staff and volunteer responsibilities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable people.

Annual child safety statement of compliance 2023

This statement outlines how our department complies with the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework.

Audit and Risk Committee

This committee provides independent advice and assurance on the appropriateness of our department's accountability and control framework. This includes independently verifying and safeguarding the integrity of our department's financial and performance reporting.

Specifically, the committee reviews and provides independent advice and assurance about the appropriateness of our department's:

  • financial reporting
  • performance reporting
  • system of risk oversight and management
  • system of internal control.


  • Ian McPhee AO PSM
  • Carol Lilley
  • Lesley Seebeck
  • David Allen
  • Katrina Di Marco.

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Our people strategy shows our department's values, culture and commitment to supporting our workforce over the next 2 years.