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July 2017

Our National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC) collects data from Australian universities, medical research institutes and major publicly funded research agencies.

The data provides information about how the research sector is working with industry to share knowledge, and commercialise research.

Latest NSRC data


Open the 2015 interactive view 

2000–15 NSRC unit record data [325KB XLSX]

2015 NSRC time series unit data [18.5MB XLSX]

2015 NSRC table 1 summary of selected metrics [16KB XLSX]

2015 NSRC table 2 summary of time series metrics [12KB XLSX]

2015 NSRC table 3 summary of international commercialisation metrics [20KB XLSX]

2015 NSRC table 4 CRC data summary [21KB XLSX]

2000–15 NSRC patent activity time series data [166KB XLSX]

2000–15 NSRC summary patent and PBR holdings [47KB XLSX]

2013–15 NSRC data summary [850KB XLSX]

Find highlights from the 2015 NSRC data in the Understanding Australia’s Research Commercialisation infographic [1.1MB PDF] [27KB DOCX]

Survey design

2015 NSRC data collection methodology [38KB DOCX]

2015 CRC data methodology notes [18KB DOCX]

2015 NSRC IP data methodology notes [23KB DOCX]

2015 NSRC final NSRC instrument [205KB PDF]

2015 NSRC data collection survey instructions [61KB DOCX]

Case studies

These case studies were received as part of the 2015 survey:

National Measurement Institute: DNA reference materials in water testing

Charles Sturt University: A Method and System for Automating Radiation Dose Parameters

Edith Cowan University: IPREP WA Industry and PhD Research Engagement Program

James Cook University: Mosquito Control

Previous NSRC data


2014 NSRC summary 2000–14 [127KB XLSX]

2014 NSRC unit record data 2000–14 [1021KB XLSX]

2014 NSRC unit record data [516KB XLSX]

2014 NSRC time series dataset [542KB XLSX]

2014 NSRC table 1 2012–2014 [72KB PDF]

2014 NSRC table 2 2000–2014 [55KB PDF]

2014 NSRC table 3 2004–2014 [64KB PDF]

2014 NSRC table 4 2005–2014 [58KB PDF]

2014 NSRC data summary [787KB PDF] [782KB DOCX]

2014 NSRC supplementary data summary [903KB PDF] [878KB DOCX]

2014 NSRC patents [26KB XLSX]

2014 NSRC summary patent and pbrs nsrc 2000–14 [24KB XLSX]


NSRC 2012–13 unit record data [233KB XLXS]

NSRC 2012–13 unit record data 2000–2013 [543KB XLXS]

NSRC 2012–13 time series dataset [471KB XLXS]

NSRC 2012–13 start-up activity summary data [178KB XLXS]

NSRC 2012–13 table 1 summary selected metrics by institution [80KB PDF]

NSRC 2012–13 table 2 summary NSRC time series metrics [57KB PDF]

NSRC 2012–13 table 3 summary selected commercialisation metrics for Australia, US, Canada and UK 2004–2013 [63KB PDF]

NSRC 2012–13 table 4 summary selected Cooperative Research Centre commercialisation [60KB PDF]

NSRC 2012–13 data card [312KB PDF]


NSRC 2010–11 full dataset [496KB XLXS]

NSRC 2010–11 report [1.9MB PDF] [2.8MB DOCX]

NSRC 2010–11 data card [241KB PDF] [620KB DOCX]


NSRC 2008–09 unit record data [562KB XLXS]

NSRC 2008–09 report [3.1MB PDF]

NSRC 2008–09 data card [716KB PDF]


NSRC 2005–07 report [1.4MB PDF] [192KB DOCX]

NSRC 2005–07 report erratum [48KB PDF]


NSRC 2003–04 report [2MB PDF]

NSRC 2003–04 report case studies [162KB PDF]


NSRC 2001–02 report part A [262KB PDF]

NSRC 2001–02 report part B [785KB PDF]


NSRC 2000 report [2MB PDF]

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