Youth in STEM research project

Date published:
1 March 2019
Date updated:
20 July 2023

Confidence, interest and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) start at a young age. 

Many factors influence girls’ perceptions and attitudes to STEM. These early experiences can shape whether girls are motivated to take STEM subjects and aspire towards a STEM career.

The Youth in STEM research project explores:

  • perceptions and attitudes of young people to STEM subjects and careers
  • perceptions and attitudes of key influencers – parents, teachers and career advisers.

YouthInsight (the research arm of Student Edge) carries out this ongoing research for our department. It’s part of our work to collect and present data on girls’ and women’s participation in STEM.

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The STEM Equity Monitor integrates select data from this research and allows us to see changes and trends over time