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STEM influencer educators of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students research 2021–20

This research is a qualitative extension of the STEM influencer teacher and career advisor survey 2021–20. A further 17 in-depth interviews provided the data.

It provides a deeper insight into a sample group of educators' experiences teaching STEM to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. It also uncovers gender differences within this cohort.

Insights for educators working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls cover:

  • opportunities to improve STEM engagement
  • factors to consider when engaging them with STEM
  • broader education needs
  • unique challenges
  • learning experiences
  • resources and program preferences.

YouthInsight carried out the survey for our department.


Explore interactive data and insights

The interactive STEM Equity Monitor integrates select data from this research and will allow us to see changes and trends over time.