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STEM influencer teacher and career advisor survey 2021–20

Australia’s first STEM influencer study surveyed almost 800 teachers and career advisers about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The previous year’s Youth in STEM survey found that parents and teachers were the greatest influencer groups of young people’s education and career decisions. So the 2021–20 STEM influencers survey explored educators’ perceptions and attitudes to STEM.

Key metrics:

  • teaching roles
  • relevance of STEM to teaching practice
  • qualifications and further education in STEM
  • feelings about, and confidence in, teaching STEM
  • confidence in connecting STEM content with real-world applications and careers
  • awareness and understanding of STEM
  • life skills associated with STEM education
  • perceived importance of STEM for the economy and future employment
  • gendered differences in awareness and perceptions of STEM
  • career advice.

YouthInsight carried out the survey for our department.

Explore interactive data and insights

The interactive STEM Equity Monitor integrates select data from this research and will allow us to see changes and trends over time.