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STEM influencer report: teacher and career advisor survey 2022–23

Australia’s second STEM influencer study surveyed 730 teachers and career advisors about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Earlier survey results indicate that parents and teachers are the greatest influencers of young people’s education and career decisions.

This 2022–23 study builds on the 2020–21 teachers and career advisors survey.

Key metrics:

  • teaching roles
  • qualifications and further education in STEM
  • awareness and understanding of STEM
  • confidence in connecting STEM content with real-world applications and careers
  • feelings of qualification and confidence in teaching STEM
  • relevance of STEM to teaching practice
  • life skills associated with STEM education
  • perceived importance of STEM
  • gender biases
  • career advice
  • the impact of COVID-19.

YouthInsight carried out the survey for our department.

Explore interactive data and insights

The interactive STEM Equity Monitor uses select data from this research to track changes and trends over time.