The Australian Government’s strategy for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) aims to increase gender equity in STEM education and careers.

We envision a society that provides equal opportunity for people of all genders to learn, work and engage in STEM.

To achieve this vision, the government lead and support action in 3 areas:

  • enabling STEM potential through education
  • supporting women in STEM careers
  • making women in STEM visible.

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Gender disparity in STEM

Australia’s talent pool is limited by the underrepresentation of half of Australia’s population in STEM education and careers.

Our vision

An Australian society that provides equal opportunity for people of all genders to learn, work and engage in STEM.

Government leading the way

We will play a strong leadership role, partnering with the STEM sector to support, guide and advocate for action on STEM gender equity.

Enabling STEM potential through education

A strong, supportive education that encourages the interests of girls in STEM will build a solid base for future skills and careers.

Supporting women in STEM careers

Improving gender equity in STEM workplaces benefits employees and employers, and enables us to reach our full potential.

Making women in STEM visible

Diverse, strong STEM role models and careers will help to address the bias and stereotyping that currently exists in STEM.

Key drivers and deliverables

2020 Action Plan

See how we are laying the foundations for a national approach to achieve sustained improvements in STEM gender equity.

STEM Equity Monitor

Compare data in this national report on girls’ and women’s participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Read the case studies

Women leading the way in STEM

Dr Cathy Foley leads the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) as Chief Scientist.

Expanding curious minds

The Curious Minds program has been enabling high potential year 9 and 10 girls to explore all aspects of STEM since 2015.

Making positive change for girls in STEM

Education Changemakers ran workshops for female educators to increase engagement and retention of girls in STEM.

The diversity advantage

The Male Champions of Change initiative engages male leaders to take an active role in STEM equity and accelerate change.

Breaking down workplace barriers

Edith Cowan University was awarded for progress in addressing gender inequity and supporting greater diversity and inclusion.

Superstar scientists of STEM

The Superstars of STEM program is helping to raise the profile of the nation’s female scientists to inspire the next generation.

A champion for STEM equity

As Australia’s first Women in STEM Ambassador, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith is encouraging girls and women to study and work in STEM.