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We are the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement. We play an important role in the Australian economy by leading Australia’s measurement system.


  • develop and maintain national measurement standards that are recognised internationally
  • deliver world-class measurement products, advice and client services
  • administer the regulatory framework for measurement 

Our work adapts to, services and enhances the productivity and growth of Australian industries, and aims to ensure a fair, safe, healthy and competitive Australia.

Find out how we’re using measurement to help industry respond to COVID-19.

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Developing and maintaining national measurement standards

We develop and maintain Australia’s physical, chemical and biological measurement standards:

We aim to continually improve our measurement standards and techniques. Our programs are driven by advances in science and technology, and industry and researcher’s increasing demand for greater measurement accuracy. 

Using measurement to address some of Australia’s biggest societal and economic challenges

We work with industry, researchers, and government, as well as our international partners, to address some of Australia’s biggest societal and economic challenges. 

Read about the work we do in some of our key sectors:

  • Environment: we support environmental management of pollutants, including research into new contaminants of concern and greenhouse gases
  • Food: we develop measurements in new areas like food provenance and fraud, as well as improved methods to accurately measure important nutrients like vitamin D and amino acids
  • Health: we use measurement to support personalised healthcare and optimal health outcomes. This includes producing DNA reference materials to support genetic testing in cancer patients.
  • Energy: we support energy security including developing methods for electrical measurements, and producing internationally comparable reference gases for the natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industries

Our specialised measurement capabilities also support applications in advanced manufacturing, defence and security, and many other areas important to Australia.  

Find out how we’re using measurement to help industry respond to COVID-19.

Delivering world-class measurement products and client services

Measurement is integral to a successful economy, the progress of innovation and science, and in ensuring Australian consumers can rely on trusted measurements for fair trade in goods and services.  

Physical measurement services

Our physical measurement services include calibrations, contract research, consultancies, and instrument development across a range of physical quantities like time, mass and length. 

Chemical and biological measurement services 

Our chemical and biological measurement services include chemical and biological reference materials, chemical and gas proficiency testing services, and advice about how to deposit biological materials for patents.

Testing and analytical services

Our testing and analytical services include food, agricultural and pharmaceutical safety, environmental monitoring and remediation (water, air, soil, biota), forensic drug and sports drug testing and profiling.  

Measurement training and assessment

We develop measurement skills across industry, government and the community by offering training courses, collaborative research projects, and by supervising under-graduate and post-graduate students. 

Student opportunities

We offer a variety of student opportunities including paid and unpaid opportunities for tertiary students, and hosting students for vocational placements and work experience.

Find out more about our student opportunities.

About the National Measurement Institute

Led by Australia’s Chief Metrologist Dr Bruce Warrington, we are a team of more than 350 people located across Australia.

Celebrating metrology achievements

Each year on 20 May the world celebrates World Metrology Day. It marks the the anniversary of the international treaty adopting the metric system in 1875, and it's the day that we encourage awareness about the importance of measurement and its impact on our daily lives. 

We celebrate work and achievements in Australia’s measurement field through the Barry Inglis Medal and NMI Prize.

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