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Major project AIP plan summaries

Find AIP plan summaries for major projects.

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Date of Publication Company Name Project name AIP Plan Summary AIP Plan status Version
LIGHTSOURCE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Goulburn River Solar Farm Project and Operations Phases
Under Consideration 1
Capricornia Energy Hub Capricornia Energy Hub Project Phase
Under Consideration 1
Rex Minerals (SA) Pty Ltd Hillside Copper Gold Project Under consideration 1
Hanroy Iron Ore Projects Pty Ltd Mulga Downs Mine Project Under consideration 1
White Wind Project No 1 Pty Ltd Wambo Wind Farm Stage 2 Under consideration 1
Broadsound Solar Farm Pty Ltd Broadsound Solar Farm Project Summary
Under Consideration 1
Forest Wind Stage 1 Pty Ltd Forest Wind Under Consideration 1
ICA Investment Services Pty Ltd Mount Rawdon Pumped Hydro Project Summary
Under Consideration 1
Upper Burdekin Wind Farm Pty Ltd Gawara Baya Approved 1
BROKEN HILL COBALT PROJECT PTY LTD Broken Hill Cobalt Project Project and Operation Phases
Under consideration 1
K3W Project Co. Pty Ltd ATF for K3W Project Trust Kidston Stage 3 Wind Project Under Consideration 1
RES Australia Pty Ltd Tarong West Wind Farm Under Consideration 1
Collie Battery Stage 1 Collie Battery Stage 1 1
MIRVAC RETAIL SUB SPV PTY LIMITED Harbourside Redevelopment Project and Operations Phases
Under Consideration 1
OMPS PTY LTD Oven Mountain Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project Under Consideration 1