Diversity in STEM review

The review aims to find ways to improve diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The review is exploring ways to increase representation of women and other historically underrepresented groups in STEM.

Review objectives

The review will make recommendations to the Australian Government on how to:

  • overcome barriers to STEM participation and retention
  • improve diversity in STEM.

An independent expert review panel will report its findings and make recommendations to government in late 2023.

The review will:

  • identify barriers to participation and retention
  • consider actions being taken by other countries
  • evaluate our department’s existing women in STEM programs
  • identify the best ways to:
    • improve current initiatives
    • develop future initiatives.

Review process

The independent expert panel is leading the review with support from a taskforce in our department. 

Key activities include:

  • a research project led by the Women in STEM Ambassador
  • an evaluation of our department’s women in STEM programs
  • engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and the Australian public.

Review panel members

Chair, Pathway to Diversity in STEM Review | Chief Executive Officer at Cicada Innovations
Ms Williams has extensive experience in the technology sector. She is a strong advocate for the importance of diversity in technology design.
Member, Pathway to Diversity in STEM Review | Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Indigital
A Cabrogal woman of the Dharug-speaking nations of Sydney, Mikaela Jade comes from the world’s oldest storytellers and is recognised as a leader in the technology space.
Member, Pathway to Diversity in STEM Review | Associate Professor and Director, DNA Zoo Australia at the University of Western Australia
Dr Kaur is an award-winning scientist and passionate leader. An entrepreneur, professor in science and mother, she is a positive role model and active mentor for gender equity.
Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Industry, Science and Resources | Ex-officio member, Pathway to Diversity in STEM Review
Ms Narelle Luchetti has headed up the Manufacturing Division at our department, leading policy development to support Australian industry to be sustainable, resilient and to grow to its full potential. She has worked across various agencies and in the private sector.

Terms of reference

Review requirements and scope

The terms of reference outline the panel requirements, scope of the review, and areas the panel will make recommendations on.