Revitalising Australia’s vision for science and research

We’re refreshing our national science and research priorities and National Science Statement.

Australia’s science and research priorities and statement shape a long-term vision for our nation’s science and research system. They:

  • reflect our strategic interests and national values
  • highlight our competitive and comparative advantages
  • help shape and align investment and funding decisions.

Refreshing our science and research priorities and science statement will help us develop a national policy framework that embeds science into government decision making. It will better align our efforts and investments in science to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits for all Australians.

The refresh outcomes will replace Australia’s Science and Research Priorities 2015 and National Science Statement.

Refresh objectives

We will deliver a new set of national science and research priorities and national science statement to the Australian Government by September 2023 for consideration.

Our process

We’ve created a taskforce to develop the priorities and statement. The taskforce will support Australia’s Chief Scientist in engaging Australians in a national conversation to inform the updated priorities and statement.

We will engage with:

  • science, research, industry and education stakeholders
  • representative community groups
  • states, territories and international partners
  • the public.

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Australia’s Chief Scientist

Chief Scientist | Industry Innovation and Science Australia board deputy chair
Dr Foley is Australia’s Chief Scientist and has expertise in research, quantum physics, sensors, devices and systems, research translation, leadership, advisory and advocating the role of women in STEM.

Terms of reference

Project terms

The terms of reference outline the project context, objectives and process.