Our department is committed to inclusion and diversity. We strive to be the best possible place to work and to create a workplace culture where we are all valued and respected for our contribution.

Our inclusion strategy

Our strategy reflects the importance we place on our staff. We aim to ensure our department remains an inclusive place for people to work while embracing and celebrating all differences. See how we will harness and build on diversity, and foster an inclusive culture, over the next 3 years.

Our strategic direction

Message from our Secretary

Our department has a commitment to inclusion and diversity, with an ambition of being the best possible place to work.

Introducing our strategy

The Inclusion Strategy 2021–2023 outlines our continued commitment to ensure our department remains an inclusive place for people to work while embracing and celebrating all differences.

Inclusion action plan summary

Over the next 3 years the department will foster inclusion throughout the workforce and entire employment lifecycle.

Diversity in our department

A snapshot of our staff (data as at September 2020).

Shared commitment to inclusion

Everyone at our department has an opportunity to make diversity and inclusion a personal priority.

Progress so far

We have a lot to celebrate, such as…

Our focus areas

We are collaborative

Our goal is to drive a workplace culture that is inclusive, collaborative and accountable, that supports the talent and diversity of all staff.

We are innovative

Our goal is to create an environment where new ideas can be expressed and explored for incorporation into departmental business practices.

We are respectful

Our goal is to apply departmental values and provide an inclusive and accessible workplace, where inclusion is everyone’s responsibility, and the diversity of our people is respected and valued.

We strive for excellence

Our goal is to create a high-performance culture that harnesses the power of diversity of background, thought and experience in our teams. In order to better support our staff and the communities we serve.

We are flexible

Our goal is to create diverse, productive and agile teams and provide work environments that fully support our blended flexible workforce.

Our success measures

  • Include employee contributions to reconciliation, inclusion and accessibility within our staff performance plans and business plan undertakings
  • Hold ourselves accountable to diversity and inclusion at all levels and track our performance
  • Increase representation and retention of people from diversity groups
  • Build to 100% staff completions of our department’s inclusion training programs
  • Ensure our technology and communication channels are accessible where possible

Read more about how we will measure our success.


Our department recognises the First Peoples of this nation, we recognise their ongoing connection to culture and country. We acknowledge First Nations Peoples as the Traditional Owners, Custodians and lore keepers of the world’s oldest living culture and pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging.