This page belongs to: Inclusion strategy 2021–2023

Shared commitment to inclusion

Everyone at our department has an opportunity to make diversity and inclusion a personal priority.

Implementing the strategy requires a shared commitment through leadership at all levels.

This will create a true sense of belonging for all employees. Without leadership at all levels, inclusive behaviours are unlikely to be established or become normal workplace practice.

 Our shared commitment is more than words on a page. All employees are encouraged to show a personal commitment to inclusion. Over the next 3 years we need to reflect critically on the choices we make, the behaviours we demonstrate, and the interactions that we have. We must hold one another to account for building an inclusive, safe, nurturing and community-minded department.

Inclusive leadership means listening to everyone and taking into account everyone’s perspectives before taking action. Inclusive leadership is essential for making sure diverse thinking is respected, managed, heard and applied. Inclusive leadership will embed our non-judgemental culture and help make the department the best possible place to work.

By prioritising inclusive leadership capabilities and rewarding excellence in leadership we will ensure the time and resources invested into cultivating an inclusive culture is responsive to feedback from our employees to deliver maximum results and contribute to achieving our aim of the department being the best possible place to work.