This page belongs to: Inclusion strategy 2021–2023

Success measures

Ultimately it is the leadership, actions and behaviours of employees at all levels that will determine how successful we are in strengthening the department’s inclusive culture.

Our success to increase inclusion within the department over the next 3 years will largely be measured by the extent to which employees are valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate in the department.

We will achieve success if we:

  • include employee contributions to reconciliation, inclusion and accessibility within our staff performance plans and business plan undertakings
  • hold ourselves accountable to diversity and inclusion at all levels and track our performance
  • increase representation and retention of people from diversity groups
  • build to 100% staff completions of the department’s inclusion training programs
  • ensure our technology and communication channels are accessible where possible

We will monitor our progress over the next 3 years against all our commitments. This includes reporting on the diversity of our workforce, evaluating trends and annually identifying areas for improvement. We will use data to tell us what we need to improve on and check in with our diversity networks monthly to ask how our actions are making a difference and any adjustments that may need to be made.

In addition to the APS Census and internal pulse surveys, we will also participate in diagnostic and inclusion and diversity benchmarking processes, including the:

  • Diversity Council of Australia Inclusion@Work Index
  • Australian Network on Disability’s Access and Inclusion Index
  • Pride in Diversity Australian Workplace Equality Index