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Inclusion action plan summary

Over the next 3 years the department will foster inclusion throughout the workforce and entire employment lifecycle.

Our inclusion strategic actions:

  • Raise internal awareness about diversity and inclusion
  • Gear recruitment for greater inclusion
  • Support the diverse needs of staff to improve accessibility and wellbeing
  • Empower staff through inclusive career management initiatives
  • Embed inclusive practices throughout the workplace
  • Celebrate and reward inclusive leadership
  • Build systems for accountability around inclusion department-wide

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Plan at a glance

See how we plan to deliver on each strategic action with initiatives aligned to our focus areas.

Inclusion strategic activities 2021
In the first year we will…
2022 - 2023
For the next 2 years we will…
Internal awareness
  • Introduce inclusion capability and diversity training as mandatory for all staff.
  • Develop a framework to increase inclusion competency progressively.
  • Demonstrate a tangible commitment to diversity around the department, such as adding Acknowledgement of County plaques to our building foyers in English and the local traditional language, and renaming prominent meeting rooms with place names in the traditional local language.
  • Arrange information sessions in collaboration with Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation to help employees understand superannuation and prepare for retirement.
  • Engage specialist employment service providers to attract staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • Require mandatory inclusive recruitment training for all staff involved in bulk recruitment processes.
  • Review recruitment and training practices to ensure communication is inclusive of all backgrounds.
  • Develop tools and resources to attract and retain an intergenerational workforce.
  • Update exit policy to identify reasons for staff leaving, including those based on departmental values and behaviours.
Accessibilty and wellbeing
  • Deliver corporate training through multiple methods appropriate to individual needs.
  • Encourage staff to self-identify their diversity information on the department’s employee portal to create a more inclusive workplace.
  • Revise content included in the department’s Personal Situation Plans and how they are used to support staff wellbeing.
  • Provide a safe environment for staff to discuss reasons for exiting the department.
Career management
  • Provide opportunities for employees from all backgrounds, including individuals with unique, diverse viewpoints, to succeed and fulfil individual ambitions.
  • Examine processes and any perceived barriers for staff to access cultural leave and other flexible work arrangements.
  • Pilot programs to increase career development opportunities for employees, such as mentoring, coaching, sponsoring, reverse mentoring or future leader programs.
Inclusive practices
  • Review complaint process and information available for staff to confidently raise any workplace concerns.
  • Encourage divisions to lead diversity and inclusion events throughout the year, in partnership with employee diversity networks.
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion events and initiatives are accessible to employees outside of Canberra.
  • Hold internal forums with the aim of connecting generations and building a cohesive intergenerational culture.
Celebration and reward
  • Recognise individuals and teams that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the areas of diversity and inclusion.
  • Increase funding to the employee diversity networks for diversity and inclusion events and initiatives, in partnerships with divisions.
  • Highlight the department’s diverse and inclusive workforce culture by publishing content that reflects the diversity of our workforce.
  • Review workplace policies, documents and communications to ensure they are inclusive of employees from all backgrounds.
  • Include employee contributions to reconciliation, inclusion and accessibility in all staff performance plans and division business plans.
  • Develop and publish a bi-annual dashboard report that reflects the diversity of the department. Report to the Executive Board and highlight workforce trends, employee metrics with recommendations to deliver inclusion outcomes.
  • Strive for membership that has a broad representation of staff from diverse backgrounds on panels, boards and committees.