This page belongs to: Inclusion strategy 2021–2023

Message from our Secretary

Our department has a commitment to inclusion and diversity, with an ambition of being the best possible place to work. 

This reflects the importance we place on our people and on creating a workplace culture where each and every one of us is valued and respected for our contribution.

As Secretary, I am committed to building a department with an inclusive, diverse and non-judgmental culture, where everyone feels supported and able to contribute to their fullest potential. This strategy goes beyond attracting diversity into our workforce and embraces the inclusive approach. To help us truly embed a culture of inclusion and accessibility we need to ensure people at all levels are included. Ensuring that all staff feel like they belong means that we can all positively contribute to the workplace.

While many people are aware of the value of diversity and inclusion, there are still many opportunities for improvement in the department to ensure we achieve the most inclusive culture possible.

Our first steps will be to attract people from diverse backgrounds and enable the diversity of talent we already have to contribute to their maximum potential. To do this we must create an environment of positive inclusion and engagement.

As we strive to be the best possible place to work, we will listen to the many voices of our employees and contribute our varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 

We will continue to work toward increasing the employment of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We will ensure that our recruitment practices are inclusive and bias-free. We will improve retention and career opportunities, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and persons with a disability.

In order for us all to play a role in the implementation of this strategy we need to create a place where people:

  • are valued for who they are, not just what they do
  • feel that they can trust their workplace with their identity
  • feel connected to the group
  • feel safe and confident to speak up and contribute
  • are inspired to do their best work
  • have equal opportunity to participate, contribute and progress

Inclusion is a priority of the Executive team. It is our expectation that we all work to create a workplace where we feel equally valued, supported and respected. This includes having equal opportunities to participate and progress the implementation of the Inclusion Strategy over the next 3 years.

Most importantly, we need to recognise the enormous opportunity that inclusion offers us all. I encourage you all to focus on actions you can take to deliver the Strategy. We all have a role in improving our workplaces by truly leading, working collectively and advocating improvements to inclusion and accessibility.

David Fredericks PSM
Secretary, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources