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Publicly available information released following a Freedom of information (FOI) access request in 2018. 

Disclosure log number: 18/017

Subject of request: National radioactive Waste Management Facility

Description: Correspondence between the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and the Department of Defence.

Disclosure log number: 18/016

Subject of request: National Radioactive Management Taskforce 

Description - National Radioactive Management Facility in the Hawker Region of South Australia.

Disclosure log number: 18/015

Subject of request: Laboratory reports prepared by National Measurement Institute

Description - Laboratory reports into the analysis of cocaine in February 2005.

Disclosure log number: 18/014

Subject of request: Resources

Description - Email and Powerpoint Slides

Disclosure log number: 18/013

Subject of request: Stronger Communities Programme

Description - A list of the payments made in the Berowra Electorate under the Stronger Communities Programme

Disclosure log number: 18/012

Subject of request: Grants

Description - Australian Government Incubator Support Program

Disclosure log number: 18/011

Subject of request: Resources

Description - Energy Transitions

Disclosure log number: 18/010

Subject of request: National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Description: Documents relating to broad community support for the NRWMF in Kimba

Disclosure log number: 18/009

Subject of request: Research and Development Tax Incentive

Description: Documents relating to the Research and Development Tax Incentive Program

Disclosure log number: 18/008

Subject of request: Offshore Resources

Description: Correspondence regarding offshore resources

Disclosure log number: 18/007

Subject of request: Retention Lease VIC/RL4

Description: Documents concerning retention leave VIC/RL4.

Disclosure log number: 18/006

Subject of request: Resources 2030 Taskforce

Description: Documents concerning meetings of the Taskforce.

Disclosure log number: 18/005

Subject of request: Radioactive Waste Management Project

Description: minutes to meetings.

Disclosure log number: 18/004

Subject of request: Research and Development Tax Inventive

Description:Operational documentation regarding the Research and Development Tax Incentive.

Disclosure log number: 18/003

Subject of request: NAIF Review 

Description: Correspondence regarding the NAIF review 

Disclosure log number: 18/002

Subject of request: Top 100 website visited 

Description: Documents showing the top 100 websites visited

Disclosure log number: 18/001

Subject of request: Gift register 

Description: Documents related to hospitality declarations by the department

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Last updated: 29 November 2018

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