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EPR 271 - PVC flat electric cables from China

Goods Covered by the Investigation

The goods subject of the application are flat, electric cables, comprising two copper conductor cores and an 'earth' (copper) core with a nominal conductor cross sectional area of between, and including, 2.5 mm2 and 3 mm2, insulated and sheathed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials, and suitable for connection to mains electricity power installations at voltages exceeding 80 V but not exceeding 1000 V, and complying with Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5000.2 (the Australian Standard), and whether or not fitted with connectors.

The applicant provided further details as follows:

The goods are commonly referred to as 'building wire', because of its use by the building and construction industry in domestic, commercial and industrial mains power supply low-voltage wiring installations. For the purpose of this definition, the term 'flat cables' means cables where the conductor and earth cores are laid parallel in the same plane, as defined by the Australian Standard.

For the avoidance of doubt, reference to 'two copper conductor cores' refers to the 'phase core' and 'neutral core'. The earth core (also comprising of copper) is additional to these two active cores.

The applicant indicated that the following products are excluded from the goods:

  • single core cables, being cables with a single active core;

  • 'aerial cables' as defined by the Australian Standard;

  • twin active flat cables, that is, flat cables comprising two active cores but no earth core;

  • 'circular cables' as defined by the Australian Standard;

  • cables insulated and / or sheathed with non-PVC material, including but not limited to cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) materials, including a combination of PVC and non-PVC material;

  • cables comprising cores made of aluminium conductors; and

  • 'flexible cables (cords)' as defined by AS/NZS 3191 and/or AS/NZS 60227.

Case information


Case type

Dumping Investigation

Initiation date

6 November 2014


Olex Australia Pty Ltd

Tariff Classification

8544.49.20, statistical code 41

Investigation Period to Determine Dumping

1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014

Injury Examination Period

From 1 July 2010

Public Record Documents

The public record EPR 271 includes non-confidential versions of documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Key Dates




Termination of Investigation 09 July 2015  

Initial submissions due

16 December 2014


Preliminary Affirmative determination (PAD) earliest date

5 January 2015


Statement of Essential Facts (SEF) no later than

25 May 2015


Submissions to SEF due

20 days after publication of SEF


Final recommendation to the Parliamentary Secretary no later than

9 July 2015


Parliamentary Secretary's decision expected

Within 30 days of receiving the recommendation


Exporter Questionnaires

Responses to Exporter Questionnaire are Required by 16 December 2014.

Exporter Questionnaire (XLSX 60KB)

Exporter Questionnaire (DOCX 152KB)

Importer Questionnaires

Response to Part A Required by 21 November 2014 and Part B & Part C Required by 9 December 2014.

Importer Questionnaire (DOCX 90KB)

Importer Questionnaire (XLSX 32KB)

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