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About the Anti-Dumping Commission

Learn about the Anti-Dumping Commission including our roles, responsibilities and performance.

The Commissioner

Anti-Dumping Commissioner
Brad leads and directs the Anti-Dumping Commission. He is responsible for exercising the powers of commissioner under the Customs Act 1901.

Advising the Australian Government

International Trade Remedies Forum

The International Trade Remedies Forum (ITRF) gives key users of the anti-dumping system the opportunity to advise government on how to improve anti-dumping legislation.

Client support and implementation service charter

We provide a single point of contact for general advisory and liaison services. 

Client support and implementation service charter

Our commitment to those who use Australia's anti-dumping and countervailing system.

Collection and use of information

Jul 2021 Anti-Dumping Commission

Anti-Dumping Commission collection and use of information policy

This guideline sets out the general policy of the Anti-Dumping Commission on the collection, use and disclosure of information provided.