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About the Anti-Dumping Commission

Learn about the Anti-Dumping Commission including our roles, responsibilities and performance.


Anti-Dumping Commissioner
Brad leads and directs the Anti-Dumping Commission. He is responsible for exercising the powers of commissioner under the Customs Act 1901.

Deputy Commissioners

Deputy Commissioner – Strategy and Legal
Jessica leads the Anti-Dumping Commission’s Strategy and Legal Branch. She oversees people and culture, compliance and risk, legal services and stakeholder engagement.
Deputy Commissioner – Investigations
Isolde Lueckenhausen leads the branch responsible for the Anti-Dumping Commission’s core investigations work.

Advising the Australian Government

International Trade Remedies Forum

The International Trade Remedies Forum (ITRF) gives key users of the anti-dumping system the opportunity to advise government on how to improve anti-dumping legislation.

Client support and implementation service charter

We provide a single point of contact for general advisory and liaison services. 

Client support and implementation service charter

Our commitment to those who use Australia's anti-dumping and countervailing system.

Collection and use of information

Jul 2021 Anti-Dumping Commission

Anti-Dumping Commission collection and use of information policy

This guideline sets out the general policy of the Anti-Dumping Commission on the collection, use and disclosure of information provided.