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To test and verify measuring instruments used for trade, you must hold a current servicing licence.

To find out more about the requirements, read about servicing licensees.

To apply for or renew a servicing licence, you must:

We will not commence your licence application until you have paid all fees and may take up to 28 days to make a decision.

We grant servicing licences for up to 3 years.

Application fees

The application fees you pay depends on:

  • whether it is a new application or renewal
  • the number of verifiers
  • the number of instrument classes
  • the number of years (up to 3 years)

You pay:

  • $500 for a new application (paid once)
  • $550 per year for 1 verifier
  • $850 per year for 2 to 10 verifiers
  • $2050 per year for 11 to 50 verifiers
  • $3550 per year for 51 to 100 verifiers
  • $5800 per year for 101 verifiers or more
  • $125 for each instrument class when you’re applying for multiple instrument classes 

For example

The fee for a new servicing licence, based on 12 verifiers licenced in 3 instrument categories over 2 years:

  • $500 for a new application
  • $4100 ($2050 per year for 12 verifiers)
  • $375 for the 3 instruments categories
  • totals $4975

To request an invoice, email or phone 1300 686 664 and select option 2. 

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Last updated: 21 June 2019

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