This page belongs to: Inclusion strategy 2021–2023

We are collaborative

Our goal is to drive a workplace culture that is inclusive, collaborative and accountable, that supports the talent and diversity of all staff.

We are committed to creating an equitable and diverse workplace and we strongly value the skills, expertise and perspectives of all people. We understand the value of diverse views and promote inclusive leadership. We seek to listen to everyone’s views and provide opportunities for diverse voices to be heard.

To achieve this, we will:

  • recruit from a range of backgrounds and ages at all levels
  • determine where recruitment barriers may exist to access diverse talent, and take steps to address these
  • communicate and incorporate an inclusive leadership framework into our department’s leadership training
  • create a unified, respectful culture across our regional and central offices
Photo illustration featuring the collaboration element of our inclusion strategy. The icon is three people inside a set of circles. The photo shows two women sitting at a desk smiling at each other