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Vision for equal opportunity in STEM

Our vision

An Australian society that provides equal opportunity for people of all genders to learn, work and engage in STEM

In order to achieve our vision, the Government will play a strong leadership role, working in partnership with the broader STEM sector, to support, guide and advocate for action on STEM gender equity. This is underpinned by the Government’s role in supporting STEM education, careers, and culture, which together are the building blocks for achieving system level change and improving the overall participation of women in STEM.

The role of government: leading the way

The Government can play a strong leadership role to support improved gender equity in STEM and galvanise action across the sector. Working in partnership with the STEM sector to address gender inequity in STEM will bring greater opportunities for mutual growth and innovation. The Government is part of the STEM sector and can lead action within its own organisations to improve women’s participation. The Government can enable further action as an advocate while supporting broader activity across the STEM system that targets key gaps in efforts.

Enabling STEM potential through education

A strong and supportive education that encourages the interests of girls in STEM is key to building a solid base for future STEM education, skills development and career choice.

Without this base, girls and women will not be well positioned to engage in STEM education and into their careers.

Empowering girls, and supporting their teachers and parents, to see a future for themselves in STEM will be crucial to ensuring a future pipeline of women in STEM.

Supporting women in STEM careers

Improving gender equity in STEM workplaces is beneficial for both employees and employers. If the options of half of Australia’s population are limited we will not be able to reach our full potential and help the economy thrive.

Addressing organisational, cultural and gender inequities that prevent organisations from attracting women to, and retaining women in, the STEM sector will help all Australians see a future in STEM.

Making women in STEM visible

A supportive Australian culture plays a key role in helping girls and women feel welcome to participate in STEM. Visibility and strong role models help to shape our culture.

Creating diverse, strong role models will ensure women in STEM are visible and will help to address the bias and stereotyping that currently exists in STEM.

Increased visibility of STEM careers will ensure girls and women are aware of the many different pathways a STEM career can take.