Planning for gas to 2050

The Australian Government is developing a Future Gas Strategy to help us plan for the future and support Australia, and our region’s, transition to net zero.

The role of gas will change as the world decarbonises. Australia requires a clear long-term strategy to help governments, industries, communities and households make decisions. 

Australia’s oil and gas sector supports economic prosperity at home and for our trading partners. It also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. 

Future Gas Strategy

The Future Gas Strategy will outline our approach to managing gas through the energy transformation. 

The strategy’s key objectives are to:

  • support decarbonisation of the Australian economy
  • promote Australia's energy security and affordability
  • enhance Australia’s reputation as an attractive trade and investment destination
  • help our trade partners on their own paths to net zero.

Our process

To develop the strategy, we will investigate the supply-demand balance of gas to 2050 to meet net zero commitments. This means where, when and how much Australian gas is needed. 

We’ll consider the needs of all market participants, including:

  • gas producers and their employees
  • domestic consumers, including business, households, manufacturers and retailers
  • international consumers, including our trade and investment partners
  • distributors and LNG import terminal project proponents
  • community groups, unions and the general public, including First Nations.

Our consultation process involves:

  • public consultation to inform the strategy
  • engaging with stakeholders in targeted sessions 
  • further consultation on specific policies and programs the strategy recommends.

We welcome feedback from anyone with an interest in the role gas could play in the future.

We expect to release the strategy in mid-2024.