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Publicly available information released following a Freedom of information (FOI) access request in 2019. 

If you experience any difficulty accessing these document, please contact us.

Disclosure log number: 19/018

Subject: Sugar Code of Conduct

Description: Correspondence

 Disclosure log 19-018 [506KB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 19/017

Subject: 100-day plans

Description: Planning documents

 Disclosure log 19-017 [8.9MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 19/016

Subject: AIMS briefing

Description: Correspondence

 Disclosure log 19-016 [10.6MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 19/015

Subject: Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Management Plan

Description: Correspondence

 Disclosure log 19-015 [4.6MB PDF] 

Disclosure log number: 19/014

Subject: Media audit regarding National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Description: Media and Sentiment Report

Disclosure log 19-014 [4.6MB PDF] 

Disclosure log number: 19/013

Subject:Cadence Economics report

Description: Executed deed of standing offer

Disclosure log 19-013 [6.3MB PDF]

Disclosure log number: 19/012

Subject: Drone tests in Wyndham

Description: Correspondence

Disclosure log number: 19/011

Subject: Incoming Government Brief

Description: Incoming Government Brief

Disclosure log number: 19/010

Subject: Register

Description: Gift Register

Disclosure log number: 19/009

Subject: Report

Description: Country of Origin Labelling Complementary Healthcare Taskforce Report

Disclosure log number: 19/008

Subject: Research and Development Tax Incentive Program

Description: Correspondence

Disclosure log number: 19/007

Subject of request: Coal Mine

Description: Correspondence.

Disclosure log number: 19/006

Subject of request: Vales Power Point Station

Description: Correspondence.

Disclosure log number: 19/005

Subject of request: Carmichael coal mine

Description: Internal GA meeting notes.

Disclosure log number: 19/004

Subject of request: Australian Building Codes Board

Description: State and Territory Administrations Meetings in 2010 and 2011.

Disclosure log number: 19/003

Subject of request: Anti Dumping Commission

Description: ADRP Report 83.

Disclosure log number: 19/002

Subject of request: National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Description: Brief regarding Kimba site nomination.

Disclosure log number: 19/001

Subject of request: Australian Building Codes Board    

Description: National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 Volume One.

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Last updated: 30 October 2019

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