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Our goal is to create a high-performance culture that harnesses the power of diversity of background, thought and experience in our teams. In order to better support our staff and the communities we serve.

We are dedicated to achieving results that make a difference and support new ways of working. Our department thrives on the talents drawn from a diverse workforce. We recognise that a culture of respect and inclusivity allows employees to perform to their maximum potential. We anticipate the capabilities we need for the future and support our people to reach their potential and develop.

To achieve this, we will:

  • provide opportunities for staff from all backgrounds including individuals with unique, diverse viewpoints training for future leadership roles
  • build the workforce capabilities of the future and ensure they are available within the department when required
  • foster a knowledge organisation where the development and learning of staff remains a priority
  • recognise individuals and teams that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the area of diversity and inclusion

Photo illustration featuring the excellence element of our inclusion strategy. The icon is an outline of an award badge inside a set of circles. The photo shows an Indigenous woman smiling and wearing an academic graduation cap and gown.

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