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Anti-dumping and countervailing system key legislation, directions and policy

Find legislation, directions, guidance and policy that govern the Anti-Dumping Commission's operations.


We are governed by the following legislation:

  • Customs Act 1901 (Vol. 3 contains the majority of the Act's provisions relevant to anti-dumping)
  • Customs Act 1901 – Instrument under Section 269SMS (Lodging and withdrawing anti-dumping applications):

Guidelines on forms of dumping duties

We consider these guidelines when determining the form of duties that we will recommend to the minister.

Collection and use of information policy

Anti-Dumping Commission collection and use of information policy

Learn how we collect and use the information required to perform our functions.

Economic framework for injury and causation analysis

The Anti-Dumping Commission's analysis is also informed by the economic framework for injury and causation analysis. 

World Trade Organisation agreements

Australia’s anti-dumping system implements the following World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements: