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Increasing international collaboration

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Growing Australia’s economy means helping our businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to capitalise on international opportunities to develop and commercialise their innovative products and services.

Global Innovation Strategy

The Global Innovation Strategy is the key international measure of the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

It is a whole-of-government approach to increasing Australia’s innovation and science connections internationally.

It aligns with and builds on existing government initiatives that:

  • enhance whole-of-government global engagement
  • build business and research collaboration
  • draw talent and investment into Australia
  • increase links to global value chains
  • help create an innovative, open marketplace for Australian businesses and researchers in the Asia–Pacific

Partnering with Australia on innovation, science and research

The Partnering with Australia on Innovation, Science and Research booklet outlines the range of opportunities for international organisations and individuals to partner with Australia on cutting-edge innovation, science and research.

It showcases Australia’s credentials and gives information on the range of Australian Government initiatives supporting international innovation, science and research connections.

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Last updated: 5 December 2019

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