Advanced manufacturing of high performance alloys

Case study from the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund.

High entropy alloys have significant potential to provide enhanced durability and energy reduction. Many sectors including critical energy, aerospace, mining and air transport can benefit from low energy costs and reduced fuel consumption.

Australia-India Strategic Research Fund

Professor Matthew Barnett, Deakin University co-led research by Australian and Indian partners into advanced manufacturing of high entropy alloys. Deakin University partnered with:

  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)
  • Indian Institute of Science
  • General Electric India
  • Monash University and
  • RMIT University.

The Australian project team received a grant of almost $1 million from the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund.

The researchers sought to pioneer new high entropy alloy components and compositions with:

  • advanced powder-based processes
  • additive manufacturing (3D metal printing)
  • spark plasma sintering (or pulsed electric current sintering).

This continued research is anticipated to make impacts in component performance. This can result in energy and cost efficiencies across many sectors, including the critical energy, aerospace and mining sectors.

This research has significant potential for the Australian mining sector. Each year in Australia, wear on components in the mining sector costs approximately $900 million in machine replacement and down time. The project aimed to double the wear life of current benchmark alloys.

The research used sophisticated 3D metal printing equipment with a unique algorithm created by the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute, Deakin University. This allowed researchers to speed up the development of these highly important alloys.

This grant has been critical in demonstrating the strength of continuing academic and industry collaboration. The project will use existing Australian ties into the commercial sector through:

  • ARC Industry Transformation Training Centre in Alloy Innovation for Mining Efficiency (mineAlloy), Deakin University and
  • ARC Industry Transformation Research Hub in Additive Manufacturing, Monash University.

This collaborative research project has strengthened international relationships between Australian and Indian researchers.

Research partners in both countries have deepened scientific collaboration via:

  • establishing the DEAKIN-IITM Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
  • hosting conferences and meetings
  • video networking, emails and phone calls.

This grant has launched several more collaboration opportunities to continue this important research.

Deakin University and IIT Madras have established the DEAKIN-IITM Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials & Manufacturing at IIT Madras. The Centre is undertaking research & development in advanced materials, such as high entropy alloys, light alloys, composites, functional materials, nano materials, as well as advances in additive manufacturing.

Members of the project team have continued this research after receiving the Impacting Research Innovation and Technology grant from the Indian Government.

Team leaders

Australian Team Leader:

Professor Matthew Barnett – Deakin University

Indian Team Leader:

Professor B S Murty – Indian Institute of Technology Madras