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The AISRF is Australia’s largest bilateral science cooperation fund, helping to build links between Australia and India’s top universities and research institutions. 

AISRF Grant Round 15 recipients will share $3.8 million to help support scientific projects and between the 2 countries.

Funding will go towards 5 projects, including:

  • an AI platform to monitor soil health
  • new ways to maximise the recycling of metal from discarded mobile devices
  • using solar-thermal energy to create nanomaterials for better water treatment
  • designing new antimicrobials to treat drug-resistant infections
  • new ways to detect and treat bacterial infections.

Australian recipients are:

  • the Australian National University
  • Monash University
  • the University of Adelaide
  • the University of Queensland
  • the University of Sydney.

The Indian Government will support the Indian partners in each project.