Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund strategic element

Supporting international collaboration and developing Australian business in priority science and research areas.

The strategic element of the Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund (GSTDF) helps develop research collaboration with select partner countries in targeted areas. These partnerships help Australian small business and researchers drive innovation. 

About the fund

The GSTDF gives flexible funding for collaborative projects and will help raise Australia’s profile in science and technology research. The Australian Government choses investment areas based on national priorities.

The GSTDF aims to help Australia:

  • boost science and technology potential
  • grow the economy
  • give local researchers funding and technology access
  • support partner country science potential.

The fund also has a bilateral element to promote collaborations partnerships with India and China.

How the program works

Australian organisations are eligible for funding to support bi-lateral and multi-lateral activities that involve at least:

  • one priority partner
  • one priority theme. 

Multilateral activities can include non-priority partners as well as a priority partner.

All priority themes and partners are equally important to Australia. We review them annually.

Priority themes

The themes for investment reflect the government’s priorities. These include: 

  • advanced manufacturing
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • quantum computing
  • hydrogen production
  • ribonucleic acid (RNA) vaccines, messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines and therapies.

Priority partners

Australian researchers and businesses can apply for a share of funding to partner with counterparts in:

  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • the Republic of Korea
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam.

Program delivery

The Australian Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering (ATSE) administers the strategic element in partnership with the Australian Academy of Science.

Latest news

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$3.8 million in grants for Australia-India scientific collaboration

Five research projects will share the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) Round 15 funding.
Paola Pamaploni (EEAS), Maria Cristina Russo (EU Co-Chair), Caroline Millar (Australia’s Ambassador to the EU) and Carolyn Patteson (Australia Co-Chair).

Australia and the EU celebrate 30 years of scientific cooperation

Australia and the European Union came together in Brussels to celebrate 3 decades of research partnership.

More funding for Australian researchers to collaborate internationally

The Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund (GSTDF) will help develop Australian science in priority areas. Expressions of interest are now open.

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