Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) and Administrative Boundaries (AB) data

Date published:
25 August 2023
Date updated:
20 May 2024

The Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) contains the details of every physical address in Australia. The dataset is free to the public and updated every 3 months. 

The G-NAF dataset covers over 15 million addresses, including latitude and longitude coordinates. It allows Australia’s governments and businesses to give better service through easy to access, accurate and up-to-date address data.

The AB dataset shows government, statistical and electoral boundaries. This data complements the G-NAF location data. 

Our department funds Geoscape Australia to manage and publish the data.

Access the data

G-NAF data

Find out more and download the latest dataset at Updated May 2024.

Administrative Boundaries data

Find out more and download the latest dataset at Updated May 2024.

Case study

See the case study on how government data and the G-NAF helped those effected by the January 2020 Black Summar Bushfires.  

Using G-NAF to help businesses during a disaster

In January 2020, the Black Summer Bushfires were having a huge impact on communities and businesses across Australia. 

Dealing with the immediate threat to people and the environment was the most important thing. But the Australian Government also needed to quickly identify the businesses and staff most affected by the fires so they could provide targeted assistance. 

This information wasn’t easily available. So our department drew on the G-NAF dataset, integrating it with: 

  • Geoscience Australia satellite data showing the areas burned by bushfires 
  • maps from the Emergency Management Spatial information Network Australia
  • data from the Australian Tax Office and our Business Grants Hub. 

We then used digital mapping tools to identify businesses in the areas directly impacted by bushfires, as well as those whose supply chains were affected. 

This helped government entities work out where assistance was needed most and which businesses were eligible.