Regulations and standards


Trade measurement inspectors 

If an inspector visits your business, it may be a response to consumer feedback or part of our compliance program.

Trade measurement 

Buying and selling goods and services by weight and other measurements.

Utility meter verifiers

We appoint utility meter verifiers to verify electricity meters, water meters and gas meters before you can use them for trade.

Utility meters 

Utility meters measure electricity, water or gas.

Verifying authorities 

We appoint verifying authorities to verify physical quantities of an artefact and reference standards of measurement.

Verifying fuel dispensers for trade

A servicing licensee tests and verifies fuel dispensers used for trade.

Verifying measuring instruments for trade

Servicing licensees and their nominated verifiers test and verify measuring instruments used for trade.

Verifying weighing instruments for trade

A servicing licensee tests and verifies weighing instruments used for trade.

Weighbridges used for trade 

Weighbridges determine the mass of a vehicle, including prime movers and connected trailers.