Regulations and standards


Major projects to establish or upgrade Australian facilities

Major public and private projects with an expenditure of $500 million or more are subject to the Australian Jobs Act 2013. Learn about requirements.

Measurement law review 

The measurement law review has identified aspects of Australia’s measurement framework that can be modernised, streamlined or simplified.

Measurement standards

Australia’s measurement system must be able to adapt to, service and enhance the productivity and growth of Australian industries.

Minister decisions about space activities

The register of minister decisions to approve, vary, revoke or suspend Australian space activities.

National Measurement Institute

We are the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement.

Notify us about your major project

Project proponents must notify the Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Authority when they start planning a major project to establish or upgrade an eligible Australian facility.

Offshore greenhouse gas storage

We regulate greenhouse gas storage (also known as carbon capture and storage) in Australian Commonwealth waters.

Offshore greenhouse gas storage acreage release process

The Australian Government releases offshore areas for greenhouse gas storage (also known as carbon capture and storage). Companies can apply for a greenhouse gas storage assessment permit over an area of interest.

Offshore oil and gas

We regulate offshore oil and gas activities in Australian Commonwealth waters. 

Offshore oil and gas exploration and development requirements

Companies must meet requirements when bidding for permits, exploring or developing permit areas.