Regulations and standards


How to lodge a submission in response to an anti-dumping or countervailing case

Interested parties are invited to lodge submissions when we open a case.

How we investigate claims of dumped and subsidised goods

Learn how we investigate claims made in applications for anti-dumping and countervailing duties or measures.

Implement and manage your AIP plan

Project proponents and operators must implement and manage AIP plans throughout the project phase and initial 2 year operational phase (if your project is establishing a new facility).

International Trade Remedies Forum

The International Trade Remedies Forum (ITRF) gives key users of the anti-dumping system the opportunity to advise government on how to improve anti-dumping legislation.

Issuing certificates of approval

If your instrument complies with the pattern approval process, we issue a certificate of approval.

Major project AIP plan summaries

Find AIP plan summaries for major projects.

Major projects and procurement

We ensure Australian industry has opportunities to compete for work. We also help project developers navigate major project regulatory approvals.

Major projects to establish or upgrade Australian facilities

Major public and private projects with an expenditure of $500 million or more are subject to the Australian Jobs Act 2013. Learn about requirements.

Measurement law review 

The measurement law review has identified aspects of Australia’s measurement framework that can be modernised, streamlined or simplified.

Measurement standards

Australia’s measurement system must be able to adapt to, service and enhance the productivity and growth of Australian industries.